Oct 9, 2014

Pumpkin Freebie and Monthly Goal Charts

How fast is this school year going?!?!  We are headed to the pumpkin patch next week, so this week was spent preparing for the patch.  The students have loved all of the non-fiction books we have been reading and have also enjoyed making some fun projects.  Today we talked about the parts of a pumpkin, so we decided to paint paper plates, use real seed, and use yellow yarn to represent the pulp inside the pumpkin.  They loved doing this project.  Tomorrow we will label some of the parts of the pumpkin.

Our school uses the Marzano framework as part of our evaluation process.  We put monthly goals inside our homework binders and also have them posted in our classroom.  We talk about our goals daily.  This year I took my goal sheets to Wal-greens and enlarged them so that I could write on them and save them for the following year.  I love using my picture frame along with my visa via marker.  This is the same exact format I put in their homework binders.  Once the month is over, we put our goals in our data binders along with our results.

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Oct 2, 2014

Letter Naming Fluency Begins

One of our September goals was to know all 26 capital/lowercase letters or increase our August assessment score by at least 5 letters.  We were so thrilled that we "SCORED" a TOUCHDOWN with this reading goal.  
So our next thing on the to do list in October is to make sure we are working on our letter naming fluency with these letters that we now can name.  In order to help with the goal in the classroom and at home, I use our Letter Naming Fluency Packet.  I copied 2 pages back to back and stuck them into clear pockets that I have purchased the last several year.  For 5 minutes a day, we practice this list a couple times together, then I have them spread out and practice on their own.  They LOVE doing this and I have seen a huge improvement with our accuracy and speed.  I also use this packet as a homework practice for the parents to help work on at home.
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Sep 25, 2014

First Interactive Math Unit Booklet Done and Apple Cube Cards Freebie

Today I was out for a math meeting in the afternoon, so there was a sub in my classroom.  For math today, they were to do a page in their math journal and wrap up their Flat Shape Interactive Book pages.  I had to stop back and school to see how they did today with their booklets.  I thought they did an outstanding job! 
Up tomorrow...editable flat shape crackers...this will review the names of the flat shapes along with sorting and counting.  Of course the best part will be eating the flat shape crackers!

 Next week I will be working on my apple unit and working with numbers 0-10 on math.  My kids are having so much fun with cubes this year, so we made some free apple cube cards on TPT.  Here is the direct link: Apple Number Cards. 

Sep 24, 2014

Interactive Math Journals Have Begun

We love our Daily Math Journals that we complete each day to review our common core standards.  This year I wanted to create an interactive Math Tools booklet that the students can use as a resource.  Today we started our FLAT SHAPES pages because in 1 day this fun unit will be completed.  Here is what our classroom looked like today when the students were putting the pages together.  They did all of the cutting and gluing so it made my job a lot easier!!  I will share our completed pages tomorrow.  They loved the 1/2 composition notebook that we are using. 


Sep 15, 2014

2D Flat Shape Booklets

Our focus today was KG6 which is compose simple shapes to form larger shapes.  We created a booklet together with lots of problem solving.  It was a math and reading integrated lesson.  The students read each page, cut out the provided shapes, completed their own problem solving, and glued down their answers.  They loved creating this booklet together and it was so much fun watching them problem solve.  What a fun way to cover this Geometry Standard.  They loved it!
Here is a quick link to our TPT store for the activities to help with the KG6 standard:  Shapes Into Shapes:  Compose Simple Shapes To Make Larger Shapes.
We have put this unit on sale for $2.40 until Thursday, September 18 at midnight Ohio time.  Check out the fun ways to help with this standard.

Triangles to make a square.

Semi circles to make a circle.

Trapezoids to make hexagons.